Monday, February 21, 2011

Psalm 97:9

Good morning!!

Psalm 97:9:  For You, LORD, are the Most High over all the earth; You are exalted above all the gods.

Exalt: 1. to raise in rank, power, or character. {EXALT} 2. to elevate by praise or in estimation. {GLORIFY} 3. to raise high. {ELEVATE} 4. to enhance the activity of. {INTENSIFY}

We sang this song at church yesterday and it is one of my favorites! Maybe because my brother who is the worship leader at church rocks it out! It is no longer an outdated hymn when the band starts playing. It is alive and anointed and powerful. And VERY loud! I can't help but lift my hands, display my best air drumming and dance like I am in a club! Somehow, I can see the angels doing the same thing in Heaven. 

But this song also gets me thinking about what I exalt on an every day basis. Who am I exalting? What do I glorify? What is elevated in my life over me? Am I intensifying anything and if so, is it the right something? Lately, God has been in the middle for me with a lot of other things above Him. I don't know how it happens, small choices I am sure. Justifying my actions somehow. And then I sing this song. And I am brought to my knees. My heart cracks open. His love floods over me and I realize He is the One I am leaving below and behind and beside. 

He is over all of the earth, all of Creation, over all the cosmos The Message version says. That amount of space is mind-blowing to me; I cannot really fathom. He created it all yet He cares for me. He is worthy of my exaltation and I hope as you watch this 9 minute video of Jesus Culture rocking this song out, that you will exalt and glorify and elevate and intensify your relationship with the God of all creation. The God that loves you.