Monday, March 8, 2010

Isaiah 44:3

Good afternoon!

Isaiah 44:3: For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.

I am so ready for Spring! Everything around me is dry and barren. Colorless and dead. Trees that were once full and tall are now sparse and brittle. But now, as the rain is coming and temperatures are creeping back up, grass is beginning to turn green. New life is forming on the trees. The land is absorbing life and drinking til it's full. The birds are chirping with delight as the sun is warming them once again.  Soon, the trees will be full again and will be swaying and dancing in the wind.

I feel like this has been my life for the last few months. I'm dried up inside, gray and sparse. There isn't much too me Spiritually right now. I need God to pour out His Spirit onto me! We sang this song at church last Sunday and I didn't realize how old it was. It was written in the 1700's but it still is so powerful today. My favorite verse says:

"O to grace how great a debtor daily I'm constrained to be!
Let Thy goodness like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to Thee
Prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love
Here's my heart Lord, take and seal it, seal it for Thy courts above."

I hope you enjoy David Crowder's version of this song and if you are in "winter" mode like me, I pray you give your heart back to the Lord and let Him water it with His Living water. I pray His Spirit will pour over you and your children and the blessings will be so much that you won't even be able to contain it! Amen!

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