Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Psalm 130:1-2

Good evening!

Psalm 130:1-2: Out of the depths I call to You, LORD! Lord, listen to my voice; let Your ears be attentive to my cry for help.

Yes, I am having one of those weeks. Financial worries. Household stresses. My children's health. One thing after another.

Have you ever felt like you had to cry out from the depths of yourself to God? You can't get through another moment without Him intervening. You are crying out for Him to listen to you.

It's in times like these when the devil is sneakier than ever on his hunt to overtake and destroy you. Have the peace of knowing that the Lord is attentive to your cry for help. The answer is coming. He has already planned your escape from that problem. The check is in the mail. Blessings are hurriedly on their way to replace the curse that is crippling you. Healing and wellness are already yours in the name of Jesus. He is making a way where there is no way.

Out of the depths I call to You God. You and You alone. I praise You in advance for the miracles that are coming. Thank You for hearing me this week!

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