Friday, November 6, 2009

1 Timothy 4:14

Good morning!

1 Timothy 4:14: Do not neglect the gift that is in you; it was given to you through prophecy, with the laying on of hands by the council of elders.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been in need and relied on the elders of my church to lay hands on me and pray for me. The first time I can remember was when I was a baby Christian. I went to a Vineyard church, all by myself. I think I was crying from the beginning of the service all the way to the end. God was just breaking me because I needed a lot of help! I responded to the altar call which was very unlike me. I stood in front of this couple who was probably my mom's age. I didn't know what to do! But they could tell I was in great need. And not neglecting the gift that was in them, they reached out to me and spoke out loud what God was giving them to say. "Do you know someone named Ryan?" I raised my head, tears are now streaming down my cheeks, and replied, "Yes...that is my brother." They asked what was going on with him and I started explaining the trouble he was in with drugs and how he was far away from us. I wanted him to come home. So we prayed and thus began the journey of God breaking my brother and bringing him back to Him...and to us. Just like we had prayed! Now, he is a worship leader at a church and is certainly not neglecting His gift of music and glorifying God!

I wonder what would have happened if that couple, who I don't know from Adam, had neglected their gift and didn't come to church that day. What if they had just given up and decided to be selfish that day? God needs people to use and He has given each of us a gift. It may not be to be an elder of a church, but He can still use you in other ways. Don't be surprised when He speaks to you to go talk to that person, or call someone out of the blue, or be friends with someone you may not like.

For me, my gift seems to be helping people, in whatever fashion that God tells me to. I have reached out to people who have wronged me and in turn, found out that they were hurting far worse than I ever was. My battle with infertility has led me to reach out to some great women and I have friends now all over the country. We've shared our struggles together and grew closer to the Lord. And now, He wants me to continue in spreading His word through this blog. It's something I do not have experience in, yet I will not neglect it. I do have a busy life...working two jobs and raising triplets can do that to you! But I will not neglect the gift that God has given me. Maybe one day, someone will remember and speak of me the way I do about that wonderful couple. Glory to God!

What gift has God given you? Don't neglect it!

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