Friday, March 27, 2009

Psalm 84:10, 12

Good morning!

Psalm 84:10,12: Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. O LORD Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.

Do you have a special place where you like to get alone with God? Is there a particular spot where you had an encounter with God, were changed, and no other place feels as special to you? The first house Kris and I bought together was a little 1400 sq. foot, 3 bedroom house, big enough for us and Buster! I really loved that house, mostly because of the room in the front of the house that I called the pink room. It was my room, and I decorated it with a shabby chic flair! I painted the walls a brownish-pink, antique iron bed, and cute accessories. It was perfect! I used to love to lay on the bed in there, look out the window and listen to the huge tree that was in the front yard sway in the wind. I spent a lot of time in that room. I prayed a lot and studied a lot. It was where I could get alone with God, and for some reason, I felt closer to Him in there. I went through a lot in that house and God was there with me through it all. He stayed with me in there, gave me visions, spoke words of wisdom to me, held my hand and dried my tears. I'll never forget that room and all that God did with me in that room. It is sacred to me and even though it's been years since I've lived in that house and I have traveled to many exotic places since, better was one day in the pink room than thousands elsewhere! Nothing compares to Him! I haven't found another room like that one but that is just because I don't make the time to find it. Sure I am busy chasing around 3 toddlers but I still can find the time to enter into His courts. I urge you to find that special place where it is just you and Him. Take a weekend off from everything and everyone else and go spend time away with God. Make a room just for Him and determine to meet Him there, every time!
All of the visions and words of wisdom have come true that were spoken in the pink room. He has proven Himself faithful to me and I believe and trust Him with all of my heart. I certainly call myself...blessed!

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