Thursday, June 25, 2009

Romans 16:20

Good morning!

Romans 16:20: The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

I've just learned of yet another child who is battling cancer, Cameron Varnell. Please click on his name and visit his Caring Bridge site to learn more. He needs our prayers but when I read this Scripture this morning, I thought of him. I haven't gone through such an ordeal with my children but I imagine that the one thing I would need through it all would be peace. Anytime you are battling the unknown, you need peace. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it is so hard to find. But God promises that His peace will soon crush Satan under our feet! This is what I am claiming for Cameron and all the other children who are being attacked by the enemy. He will not win. These babies will survive and win, and one day, tell of how they crushed this disease under their feet. They will one day tell others who need to hear of the God of peace that they so desperately need. God has a reason beyond our reasoning why this is happening. We do not need to fear. We do not need to be afraid. God will give Cameron and his family peace as they watch Satan being trampled under their feet.

You can finally be at peace in God, who gives peace that passes all understanding. The Devil will be crushed under your feet too...very soon.

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