Friday, May 22, 2009

John 11:40

Good afternoon!

John 11:40: Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?"

For some reason, the things that God has promised me in my life have taken years for me to be able to see them with my own eyes. I think there is a big difference between trusting and believing. You can trust God with all your heart because you know He loves you. But do you really BELIEVE what He has told you is the truth? Do you really BELIEVE what He has told you will happen? Today could be the day when it happens. You never know when you wake up that this could be the biggest, most amazing day of your life!

God spoke truth from two complete strangers to me about my brother. Two years of praying later and he returned back to the Lord, turned his life around and our relationship was restored. God took a drug abuser and made him into a worship director!

God asked me twice if I loved Him. When I answered yes, He vowed that Kris, my husband would too. Three years of praying later and one horrible day ended with me holding my husband's hand as he accepted Jesus as His Savior! Not only was God's word true, I got to be there to experience it with him!

God spoke to me one morning that Kris and I would have a child when we were in the same place. It took three years but three DAYS after Kris and I got baptized together, I got pregnant! Even though I didn't know I was pregnant and lost that baby 7 weeks later, God's word was still true!

Three days after we lost our baby, God promised another one to us. And this time He told us his name...Elijah. I would be pregnant He said. And five years later, His oath was fulfilled. But I not only gave birth to Elijah, I also gave birth to his sister Annalise and his brother Isaac!

If I had given up...if I had stopped believing, my brother may have been lost to us, my marriage would have ended in divorce, and my babies would never have been conceived. I would have never seen God in all His glory! I would never have witnessed so many miracles!

Believe, believe and keep believing! I know I am not the only person He has ever spoken truth to. If it has been years since you heard that promise, keep believing. It WILL come to pass, in His time, in His way.

Trust don't want to miss His glory! Hallelujah!

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