Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Psalm 146:3-9

Good morning!

Psalm 146:3-9: Don't put your life in the hands of experts who know nothing of life, of salvation life. Mere humans don't have what it takes; when they die, their projects die with them. Instead, get help from the God of Jacob, put your hope in God and know real blessing! God made sky and soil, sea and all the fish in it. He always does what he says— he defends the wronged, he feeds the hungry. God frees prisoners— he gives sight to the blind, he lifts up the fallen. God loves good people, protects strangers, takes the side of orphans and widows, but makes short work of the wicked. (The Message)

I remember the first time I realized I had made the wrong choice. I had put all my faith, all my trust, given all of my heart to a man and just like that he was gone. No real explanation. I was alone and all that I had dreamed was gone. I knew right then for the first time in my life who wouldn't have done that to me. You think that big of a letdown would have made me fall on my knees right then and there and accept God's salvation and love and walk His path. But no...I was hard-headed and liked abuse I guess! Two years I spent with that knowledge in my head but instead kept living like I was living.

God made everything above you and everything below you and still stops and thinks of you.
He will defend you when you are wronged.
He feeds the hungry, physically and spiritually.
His Son died on a cross to free the sinner from his prison of sin.
He gives sight to those who cannot see.
He lifts up those who are bowed down.
He loves those who seek to live a good life, protects strangers who are in a foreign land, sustains the fatherless and widowed.
But He frustrates the ways of the wicked.

Those two years I spent knowing the truth but never accepting it were the most frustrating years of my life! So many things went wrong...even when something good happened, I found a way to screw it up! Please don't wait as long as I did to put your hope in God and know real blessing!

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