Monday, April 6, 2009

Psalm 72:12-14, 18

Good morning!

Psalm 72:12-14, 18: For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in his sight. Praise be to the LORD God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvelous deeds.

This Quick Word is dedicated to Brady, a little 2 year old boy who is battling Neuroblastoma and is at this moment far away from his brother and sisters, in a hospital about to undergo very serious surgery to remove a tumor on his spine and in his chest. He was diagnosed early this year and has already went through 2 rounds of chemotherapy. He has been so good through all of this but the fight continues. Please be praying with me and visit his blog today, Steps for Brady and learn more about this sweet, precious boy that has taken over my heart.

This disease has no cure but God says HE will deliver those who are afflicted with needs that no one else can help. This disease has caused Brady not to be able to walk yet but God says HE will take pity on him. This disease has made him weaker than any 2 year boy should ever be but God says HE will save him. This disease would like nothing other than to take his life but God says HE will rescue him. All because Brady is precious in His sight. I praise God for his life so far, for Brady has touched so many people all around the world. But I pray these are just the 1st of many marvelous deeds that God has in store for him. I believe there is no one like my God...He is strong and mighty. I believe He has mighty angels in that operating room now, protecting our little Brady and battling against any harm that might try to come his way. He is precious in God's sight and I am filled with hope this morning! Thank you Jesus!


  1. Hi Allison,
    Thank you for your post this morning in honor of Brady. We are sitting, waiting because of a delay and your words brought us comfort and reassurance at a time when we needed it! I'm so blessed by your committment to praying for Brady and enlisting other prayer warriors to our cause. Thank you friend,
    Brady's Mom

  2. Dear Allison;
    Thank you for your sincere, caring spirit for my grandson, Brady. Can't tell you what a precious little guy he is. His life has been such a miracle, and we are all trusting in the Lord for His complete healing in Brady's body. The hardest part for me is not being with my daughter, Megan , and son-in-law Matt through this. I just want to be there and fold my arms around them--but we have the joy of being home with the other 3--Eli, Cara, and baby Allison. Kathy(Megan's Mom)

  3. Kathy,
    That was one of the things I prayed for this morning, you being with the other babies at home. I started thinking about my mom and I know she'd want to help in any way she could but I also know she'd want to be right there with us! You guys have a special place in my heart, I'll be praying til Brady is totally healed and all the kids get to be together again!


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